Among the projects Zickel Engineering has recently completed one can find:
  • Building of the Distributed Space System Laboratory - Satellite Formation flying simulator for the Aeronautics and Space Faculty of the Technion.
  • Wireless Sensor Network - Design and deployment of a mesh network
    (up to 50 nodes) reporting to a PC based data repository. Analysis and display of data in real-time and offline.
  • Various aeronautical projects including 6DOF simulations, guidance, flight envelopes and authoring of system manuals.
  • Flight control and guidance for various vehicles.
  • Integration of GPS and MEMS for pointing and line-of-sight stabilization.
  • Development of open source simulation tools for large projects using Scicos and Scilab.
  • Improving the performance of low-cost GPS receivers by combining phase and code data.
  • Integration of a cellular modem with a coordinator unit for reducing data collection cost.

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